I am Karlita…over 10 years ago I opened a small café, Café Karlita’s,
in a small tourist destination in the
Mexican Caribbean.

Everyone loves the coffee (AND the excellent desserts and baked goods) and people always ask if they can order more for home…well now you can!

order here online and I'll pack it and ship it to you right away, super easy! If you haven't tried my coffee, I promise you won't be disappointed, or I will send your money back.

I have 3 main roasts, plus a
flavored coffee and an espresso blend.

My standard grind is for drip coffee makers, but you can also request a custom grind (like more coarse for french presses), or just order whole bean and grind it yourself.

light roast coffee

A subtle, delicate roast
"great for everybody"

medium roast coffee

My most popular roast
"full body and rich aroma"

dark roast coffee

Roasted to its maximum
"for those who like a strong flavor and extra kick to their coffee"


…and then myyy favorite…

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karlitas best
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This is the Americano roast with just a dash of cacao and cinnamondefinitely a crowd pleaser and one of my best-sellers!


then the 'créme de la créme'
just for
espresso lovers

For this blend I mixed in some special beans,
a secret touch to produce that rich creamy head
that puts the
'ahhhh' in a perfect espresso.

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karlitas espresso
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- Specially ground for espresso machines -


Café Karlitas uses only the finest
High Grown (HG) Arabica coffee beans
grown 100% organically
in the highlands of Veracruz, Mexico